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The MACRO environment is affecting companies and they need to make changes in order to survive in the market. The market is financially unstable as global competition and M&As increase between companies.

Under these circumstances, companies and their corporate groups need to employ strategies suitable to maintain and better yet improve performance. To achieve this, companies must employ a balanced enterprise management, which will maximize on the enterprise value. At the same time, this move is bound to satisfy stakeholders and shareholders (customers and employees). The company needs to gain a competitive advantage over their competitors. In this, they need to point out their main businesses and employ continuous reforms strategies. The companies that are trying to implement these measures must involve all their corporate groups. In this, the management and the rest of the company work together to achieve this set goal

At Executive Team Company, we support “gaining of a competitive edge and maximizing enterprise value through the creating of strategic policies” and “the creation of fundamental strategies” and “laying down proceedings for implementing these plans” all in an effort to improve performance of companies and their corporate leadership groups

    What are the key features of strategic services offered by Executive Team Company?

  • Creation of strategies that maintain a balance between feasibility and effectiveness, obtaining a competitive edge as well as maximizing enterprise value
  • Effective solutions because of teamwork between our consultants and clients.
  • We are able to control and make use of our toolset and database to carry out every task. These tasks include carrying out surveys and analysis of circumstances, defining measures, and relevant policies. This is to carry out activities in an efficient manner while at the same time not compromising on quality.
  • Equality in service provision across all stages that include implementation – development – actual realization.

    Examples of consulting themes

  • Corporate vision / group enterprise strategies
  • Strategies on company portfolio / M&A strategies
  • Strategies on brand value / strategies on customer loyalty
  • Corporate vision / group enterprise strategies
  • New market entry strategies / development of new business models
  • Strategies on business recovery
  • Strategies on Business Technology
  • VBM-strategies: Value Based Management
  • PI-Strategies: Performance Improvement
  • SCM-Strategies: Supply Chain Management
  • NPD-Strategies: New Product Development
  • CPM-Strategies: Customer, Product, and Marketing
  • SRM-Strategies: Supplier Relationship Management


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Executive Team Company is one of the pioneer companies having its modern and creative concepts in the field of business development and Investment management worldwide.

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