Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Both MACRO and MICRO environmental factors affect every business. Competition is on the increase and with the evolution in technology, where we are constantly using social media and mobile devices, consumer needs are becoming more diverse every step of the way.

    In the past few years, top management is addressing more customer relationship management concerns. These concerns include

  • Customer retention and promotion of loyalty
  • Customer acquisition (in reference to new customers)
  • Sales force reinforcement as a motivational aspect
  • Effective marketing and sales activities to push products and services in the market

    Based on our accumulated experience through successful completion of projects, Executive Team Company puts emphasis in the following segments;

  • Communication – This helps understand the customer better
  • Co-Growth – The company and the customer grow together
  • Co-Creation – Creation of new values with the customer

These support CRM activities for companies that are looking to enhance their revenue


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